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Week 5

The Mark J/Davene story was the most compelling information shared this week. After doing Go90Grow and think and Grow Rich at the same time (very difficult, not recommended), the question always lingered as to how this all came about and who assembled all this information that seemed to ring so true. This webcast answered most of those questions. My hat is off to them and those that surround them for an amazing effort to teach this program of behavior modification. That said, I’m struggling to keep up and making the effort to do better.

Week Four

The science behind this program is most compelling. I would have thought that the thought process could be accessed and manipulated in such a way as to change behavior. And then, to discover that the importance of the attitude of enthusiasm multiplies the effect of the thought process. Incredibly interesting! DMP still remains unfinished!

Week Three

Resetting the blueprint is a challenge. In some ways it’s getting easier, at least recognizably. I recognize the conflict between the old and the new blueprint. Daily decisions regarding input are critical. I fell back during the week. Now regrouping.

Reading is the key. Missed a couple of the sits.

Still working on the DMP. That’s going to take more work to streamline and clarify.

The chore has been accomplished daily, but the application of the colors on the cards are still not clear in my mind.

Week Two

There are two groups of people that start this process and I’m fighting to stay in the right group.

I was a not able to attend the first two live broadcasts and had to work form the recordings, so I was behind on the material. I have missed some reading and some sitting.

I have finally realized that the key to the process is controlling thoughts and strive to do that. Some of the cement is crumbling.

The new exercise with the cards is intriguing. I’m interested in seeing this play out.

I’ve submitted week two of my DMP and await the suggestions from my mentor. Keeping up is a challenge.

I continue.

Master Key Week One

What I learned from week one:

  1. The world without is a reflection of the world within.
  2. The world within can be changed by changing the subconscious.
  3. The subconscious is changed by developing a new blueprint using the DMP and blueprint builder.
  4. Belief in the DMP must be charged with enthusiasm.
  5. Daily exercises are required to effect the BPB Change
  6. Developing the DMP is a challenge, realizing that accomplishments are not the basis, but the outcome.